We are always happy to receive non-fiction submissions in the categories below:

  • Topical Affairs
  • Green gardening
  • Garden design
  • Gift books (eg bridge)
  • Ecology and conservation

Why Choose Henley Hall Press?

Choose Henley Hall if:

  • your areas of interest align with ours
  • you value original research, experience, passion and commitment
  • you want your book to be the highest possible quality and reach the right readers.

Above all, we welcome books that will stand the test of time.

As a tiny publisher, our contribution is in the form of time rather than money.

Ten more reasons to choose Henley Hall Press

  1. We are not afraid to publish books that challenge received wisdom, provided that they are underpinned by fact and rigorous research.
  2. We offer editorial support to academics with access to primary sources but with limited experience of writing for a commercial readership.
  3. We focus our financial resources on first-class editing, designing, typesetting and social media marketing, rather than on large advances (we offer £500 as standard), lavish launches or book tours.
  4. We’re obsessed by detail – whether it’s matching the font with the tone of your book, or identifying online keywords to maximise its ‘findability’.
  5. We believe that successful publishing is a mix of science and art. Data is vital, but so is recognising the less tangible nuances of the market.
  6. We involve authors in all stages of the publishing process – and welcome your questions.
  7. We customise a marketing plan for every book we publish, and promote each book with a video trailer and social media campaign.
  8. We’re transparent about author contracts, and flag clauses where there are diverging booktrade opinions.
  9. We are willing to sell the paperback rights of a successful hardback to a mainstream publisher, to the benefit of both parties.
  10. Finally, we don’t tie in authors for future books – you are free to go elsewhere next time should you wish.

‘Susanne is an excellent advisor, carer of text and works tirelessly for the author,’ Don Shaw, BAFTA-winning screenwriter

Submission guidelines

Do you have a compelling book submission that fits in with our fledgling list?  If so, we’re keen to hear from you.

But first, please note our submission guidelines.


  • Before you submit material, please send a one-page letter summarising your book idea, why it should be published, the competition, and how you might help us market your book. A one-page summary and contents list would also be useful. This may be sent by email or as a hard copy.
  • Tell us if you’re submitting your proposal to other publishers.
  • If your idea resonates with us, we’ll ask you for a full hard-copy proposal, including sample chapters.
  • We regret that we are unable to return any submissions. Please don’t enclose any valuable photographs or the like at this stage.
  • We will respond to you quickly.

PLEASE NOTE: Submission of any material is at your own risk.

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