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Writers & Artists Yearbook 2021 (Writers’ and Artists’)
S.J. Watson
Paperback £25.00

Weighing in at 832 pages, this UK industry Bible combines articles, advice and listings in categories such as: agents, publishers, publications, television and radio, self-publishing – and much more. Updated annually.

Children’s Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook 
Paperback £25.00

Writers’ & Artists Guide to Getting Published
Paperback £16.99

Writers’ & Artists’ Guide to How to Hook an Agent
Paperback £16.99

How to Market Books
Alison Baverstock and Susannah Bowen
Paperback £39.99

This updated edition covers both conventional book marketing methods as well as the increasingly important digital marketing.  It puts these in the context of marketing theory.


Successful Self-Publishing
Joanna Penn
Paperback £5.99

Joanna Penn is a full-time self-publisher whose website,, is packed with advice for aspiring self-publishers.

Audio for Authors
Joanna Penn
Paperback £9.99

Advice on audiobooks, podcasting and voice technologies – a subject not covered elsewhere.

How to Market a Book (Third Edition)
Joanna Penn
Paperback £10.99

Joanna Penn is the Alison Baverstock of the ebook world. Her focus is on marketing self-published ebooks  – it’s not about conventional author marketing techniques (book tours, national media coverage etc), but about social media, keywords, building up trust with followers.

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